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Pluscios Management LLC ~ an SEC Registered Investment Advisor ~ 1603 Orrington Avenue #750 ~ Evanston, IL 60201 ~ Phone: 224-420-7040 ~ Fax: 224-420-7041


About Pluscios

Pluscios Management is a woman business enterprise

Woman Business Enterprise


  • Decades of Investment Management Experience

  • Institutional Focus

  • Experts on Diverse and Emerging Managers

Pluscios Management-Driven to Deliver

Driven to Deliver


  • Returns are Not the Whole Story

  • Portfolio Construction to Protect the Downside

  • Long-term Risk-Adjusted Performance

pluscios dynamic portfolio management.jpg

Dynamic Portfolio Management


  • Focus on Building Resilient Portfolios of Alternative Investment Managers

  • Active, Opportunistic Allocation Discipline

  • Market-Tested Investment Process

Our Approach


Pluscios' Approach

Pluscios Management-Different by Design

Different by Design


  • Boutique Focus Meets Institutional Expertise

  • Relentless Risk Management Protocols

  • Utilize Both Smaller Niche Managers and Larger, Proven Managers

Pluscios Management Opportunistically Inclined

Opportunistically Inclined


  • "One Size Fits No One"

  • We Strive to Deliver Timely and Diverse Solutions for our Client Portfolios

  • We Seek Market Dislocations and Manager-Specific Opportunities to Generate Alpha

Pluscios Management - Client Centric



  • Customized Solutions

  • Tailored to Address Specific Client Needs

  • High-Touch Client Service




Client-Focused Solutions

Pluscios Management Alternatives Portfolios

Alternatives Portfolios


  • Multi-Strategy

  • Single Strategy

Pluscios Management - Custom Solutions and Services

Custom Solutions & Services


  • Advisory & Monitoring Services

  • Custom Portfolios

Pluscios Management Partner Platform

Partner Platform


  • Bring New Talent to Market

  • Individual Manager Solutions



Pluscios Leadership

Constance T. Teska

Constance T. Teska


Combined 75 Years Of Global Capital Markets & Alternatives Expertise

20 Year Team Track Record

1000s of Managers Screened to Find the Best of the Best

Extensive Resource Network and Unique Manager Access Leads to Differentiated Solution Sets

Women Business Enterprise